Arena Games is a WEB3 gaming platform that allows players and game creators to mint NFTs and manage digital assets effectively. Deployed on Polygon and interoperable through Layer Zero, it supports various gaming hubs including Linea, Manta, and SKALE,

$AGP tokens play an important role in our gaming ecosystem, offering players multiple ways to engage and benefit:
– NFT Breeding and Crafting: Spend your tokens to create new NFTs or upgrade your current ones.
– Staking: Hold your $AGP tokens to receive rewards.
– Special Tournaments Access: Use tokens to gain entry to unique gaming tournaments.
– Exclusive Access: Tokens provide access to specific games and features not availableto all players.
– Additional Uses: Your $AGP tokens can be used in various ways across our platform.
– Governance: Your tokens give you a voice in our community, allowing you to vote on key decisions.
– Loyalty Rewards
– NFT Marketplace Perks
– Advertising Slots: Spend tokens to secure prime advertising space in the game

How to Redeem Airdrop

We’ve launched our Airdrop Expedition! 

Join our first Adventure with the SociFi SesameLabs widget and start collecting rewards today.

First Up: SociFi SesameLabs Widget Simply complete tasks on the Arena Games platform using the SesameLabs widget to earn special NFTBadges and a share of 10,000,000 $AGP tokens.

Upcoming Adventures on the Horizon

Get ready for more:

  • SKALE Arcane Merge Puzzle Challenge: Solve puzzles, upgrade your NFTs, and get your slice of the $AGP tokens.

  • Manta’s Pipe Runner Escape: Clean up the pipes by running in Manta World to find hidden rewards.

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June 20, 2024

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June 4, 2024

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