Geode Blockchain: Setting Humanity Free
Where smart contracts replace centralized giants, advertisers pay you directly, and an all-volunteer community is dedicated to helping you thrive online.
Geode is a Layer 1 blockchain built and maintained by an all-volunteer community. We are on a mission to help people worldwide take back their economic power with practical apps, on our way to becoming the hub of finding and using dApps across the internet of chains. Learn more about Geode Blockchain and get involved at

How to Redeem Airdrop

See our airdrop page for links to do all the following:
STEP 1: Make A Geode Account & Visit The Faucet
STEP 2: Set Up Your Account On The Geode dApps…
Life & Work
Add claims to your Life and Work resume. You can add expertise, work history, educational milestones, good deeds, intellectual property. Be sure to add at least 10 total claims across at least 3 categories.
Fill out your profile on the Geode Profile app. You can add links, a photo, bio, and other important details. Show others how to find you on the Geode Apps and across the internet.
Fill out your settings on the Geode Social app. Pick your username and let advertisers know what you are interested in seeing ads about, so they can pay you directly for your time and attention!
Private Messaging
Fill out your settings on the Geode Private Messaging app. Pick your username and let advertisers know what you are interested in seeing ads for. Put your favorite people on your allowed list to send you messages and set your inbox fee for advertisers.

STEP 3: Claim Your Airdrop Bounty at the Airdrop dApp
STEP 4: Help Your Favorite People Do The Same & Earn 2 Levels Of Referral Bonuses
Help your friends make a Geode account, usse the faucet, set up their account on the apps, and claim their airdrop bounty. When they claim their airdrop bounty, and name your Geode account as the one who referred them, you get a referral bonus! Even better, encourage your friends to then help other people take back their economic destiny with Geode and you get a 2nd level referral bonus for every person THEY refer!

Want More?…
Follow Geode’s Founder For Special Giveaways
Follow Geode’s Founder, Dr. Kathryn Messegee AKA Guru Kathryn at X and Youtube. Subscribe, follow, like, report, mention and more! Support Geode by helping us get the word out. Kathryn will be giving away GEODE coin and Geode Merchandise throughout the airdrop!
Use Geode Apps Daily For Surprise Bonuses!
Specific Geode Apps: Life and Work, Social and Private Messaging have built in surprise bonuses! These apps reward users as specified intervals for actions like making a new claim on your resume, posting on social, sending a private message, making a new newsletter or messaging group, and more! Use Geode apps daily and keep an eye on your account – a bonus might hit when you least expect it!
At the end of the Geode 2024 Airdrop, we will be paying out bounties to the top users and supporters on Geode dApps and Social Accounts.






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End Date

December 31, 2024

Publish Date

June 4, 2024

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