Monkey Coin

Monkey Coin

Monkey Coin, Poised to Shatter Meme Token Records with Unprecedented Momentum!

Monkey Coin is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency designed to revolutionize the digital finance landscape. With a focus on accessibility, security, and innovation, Monkey Coin aims to empower users worldwide to participate in the burgeoning crypto economy. Built on advanced blockchain technology, Monkey Coin offers a decentralized platform for fast, secure, and transparent transactions. Our team is dedicated to driving the adoption of Monkey Coin through strategic partnerships, community engagement, and continuous development of our ecosystem. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the future of finance with Monkey Coin.

How to Redeem Airdrop

💧 Monkey Coin Airdrop Live💧

✔️* Audit: Cyberscope (

🏆 Task:          ➕  300 Million MONKEY for 2500 random participants each.

👨‍👩‍👧 Referral:   ➕  250 Billion MONKEY for top 500 referrers.

➡️ Airdrop bot for Monkey Coin (

↪️ Join Monkey Coin Telegram group ( & Telegram channel. ( (Required » 120 Million MONKEY)

↪️ Follow Monkey Coin on Twitter ( and retweet the pinned post by tagging 3 of your friends. (Required » 120 Million MONKEY)

↪️ You can perform other tasks on the bot. (Optional » 60 Million MONKEY)

↪️ Enter your information to the airdrop bot.

✏️ Notes: Airdrop will end on May 25, 2024. Total airdrop pool is 1 Trillion MONKEY. Top 500 referrers will be rewarded as follows; 

1st place:                  12 Billion MONKEY

2nd place:                9 Billion MONKEY

3rd place:                 5.35 Billion MONKEY

4th to 500th place: 450 Million MONKEY each.

ℹ️  Distribution date: May 30, 2024.






Total Coin

End Date

May 25, 2024

Publish Date

April 15, 2024

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